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Benefits of Massage for your Canine Companion

Canine massage is a form of alternative therapy whose benefits include helping to relieve pain, increase joint mobility, and improve the immune system.

The most important benefits of canine massage are:

·         Provide relief from muscle tension, soreness, spasms, and weaknesses

·         Provide relief from chronic pain and discomfort

·         Help reverse muscle atrophy due to inactivity

·         Reduce stiffness by helping to restore mobility to injured areas

·         Endorphin release

·         Increased toxin removal

·         Relaxation and tension relief

·         Improved mental focus and attitude

·         Provide emotional well-being

Just as it is with humans, massage is beneficial for all dogs, but especially for dogs suffering from the following conditions

JOINT PROBLEMS (e.g. arthritis, hip dysplasia, surgery)

Massage will relieve tension from additional strain placed on healthy limbs, help prevent atrophy in the affected areas, reduce scar formation, and provide pain relief.


The muscles along the spine will tighten up, to help stabilize the injured area, but in turn will increase the discomfort. Relaxation of these muscles is essential to pain relief.


The improved circulation will actually help flush out toxins.


Massage has a calming effect and tends to decrease fear of being touched and handled

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